Reiki is a method of healing, which enhances our abilities to channel life-force energy. It is a healing therapy that is thousands of years old and was known to have been used by the Tibetan monks. It is now widely used throughout the world to promote healing and personal enhancement.

Seichim is an ancient and sacred form of healing and is said to be the parent energy of all hands-on healing systems with its origins in Ancient Egypt.
It is the energy of the Universe manifested through the feminine vibration of the mother goddess. It helps to balance the yin-female aspect of our being on all levels.

Reiki~Seichim as a combined healing energy is a powerful, safe natural therapy that promotes healing at all levels by the action of  gentle nurturing energy flowing through  the  practitioner's hands.

A treatment session involves placing the hands gently on the body. The position is changed every few minutes and the whole session can last between a half and one hour. Reiki~Seichim is not a form of massage as the hands remain still and there is no need to remove clothing.

Some of the benefits of Reiki~Seichim healing include:
- acceleration of the natural healing process.
- a reduction of stress and tension.
- an increase in energy and vitality.
- help to internal disorders, emotional and stress       
   related illnesses.
- helps to harmonise the mind and the emotions.
- helps to release blocked emotions.
- increases awareness.
- promotes a feeling of well-being.

In a reflexology or reiki~seichim consultation, a brief iris check is used to determine the client's overall state of health and to create a treatment session unique to the needs of the individual.

For a schedule of Reiki~Seichim courses, please refer to the 'Course' page

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