Iris Gallery - 2
Below are some examples of irises from my clinics.
Many health issues can be identified from these images, however, some of the key predispositions and health imbalances are indicated.

Click on a picture for a close up view

Lymph congestion, depleted autonomic nervous system



Arterial congestion, under-active digestive system  


Body acidity and depleted nervous system 

Weak connective tissue, acidic stomach



Lymphatic irritation, tight intestines, weak thyroid 



Digestive toxicity, tight tissues throughout body.  


Toxicity and tension throughout the connective tissues of the body



Digestive and lymph toxicity 



Lymph irritation, tight digestive system  


Arterial congestion and poor fat metabolism



Under active stomach, tissue acidity, lymph congestion 



Poor gall bladder function, digestive imbalance, poor peripheral circulation 


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