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The eyes have long been used in medicine as an indicator of health and, through examination of the iris - the coloured part of the eye, detailed information is readily available for evaluation.

Each person has a unique iris pattern in the same way that we have individual fingerprints. The iris, being an extension of the brain, records information about every organ, system and structure in the body including levels of inflammation and toxicity. The nerve cells within the iris appear to record the vibratory rate of the cells in other parts of the body, and respond to changes in body tissue. The markings and colours of the iris change as the conditions of the body tissue change.

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With this information it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the body, to identify the underlying causes of symptoms and to advise on the best form of treatment required for the individual's needs.

 Iridology is positive and preventative. It enables us not only to identify the conditions within the body but also to recognise any changes in the tissues long before clinical symptoms develop. It empowers us to take more responsibility for our health and well-being and to make informed choices about our lifestyles.

Many people are born with genetic predispositions towards certain potential imbalances within their body. Consequently, for example, if we knew we had a build-up of cholesterol in the arteries would we choose to continue to eat high-fat foods? If we knew we had weak tissue or congestion within the kidneys would we choose to eat inappropriate quantities of acid-forming foods or drink large volumes of alcohol?

No matter who we are or what weaknesses we may have, iridology gives us the opportunity to correct health problems and imbalances long before a major health problem arises.

A basic iris analysis consultation involves an examination of the eyes using a magnifier and light, a brief health questionnaire and the detailing of appropriate treatments.

The more in-depth analysis, again consists of examination of the eyes using a magnifier and light, the completion of a detailed health questionnaire, taking into account your medical history, diet, lifestyle and emotional state and taking photographs of the eyes for further detailed analysis. This information is then used to design a unique treatment programme aimed at helping you to achieve and maintain optimum health.

The whole process is accurate, painless and non-intrusive and probably one of the greatest features and main advantages of iridology is the fact that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptoms develop thus allowing preventative measures to be taken to improve health before dis-ease occurs.

With iridology we are not concerned with treating a 'disease' as many diseases have similar symptoms. We are concerned with the underlying causes of the symptoms and addressing these to enable the body to move to a position where it will heal itself.

No one needs to live in fear of his or her health. Fear of heart disease, fear of cancer, fear of immune system disorders. This fear is enough to create dis-ease if allowed to go on unchecked. Through iridology such fears can be irradicated and a clear path towards optimum health can be achieved. Health is ours by divine right and through the body's instrument panel - the eyes, accurate assessment of the body's needs can be made and a new path towards health can be followed.

Iridology is now taught in many medical schools around the world and many doctors are embracing the science and receive training in the science. 

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